READYMADE STILL LIFE @ Jarvis Dooney POST CARD SALON 2019 These images come from an ongoing curatorial project The Readymade Still Life which documents objects discarded by anonymous participants in the life of the city. I habitually record these found arrangements on a smart phone and frame them in the context of ‘readymade’, ‘still life’ and the ‘flâneur’. This contextualization regularly takes place within the broad egalitarian socio-cultural dialogue enabled by Instagram. Images from the collection have also been returned to the streets as paste-up posters in Melbourne and Berlin, exhibited as photographs in New York, Stockholm, Melbourne and as digital screen images in Stockholm and Berlin. My practice has also been characterized by venue referential projects (47 since 1993) involving mirrors and painted replications of mirrors. These have taken place outside the conventions of the ‘white cube’ gallery space at locations in Berlin, London, Lisbon, New York, Paris, Pisa, Melbourne and other Australian sites including the landscape.